Wargus - Warcraft 2 v0.9.5 Android apk game

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wargus - Warcraft 2 v0.9.5 Android apk game

Requirements: Android 2.0.1
Overview: Enjoy Warcraft2 gameplay with Wargus!

Warcraft2 is one of best strategy games ever created! enjoy its gameplay on your phone!

 Wargus is a clone of Warcraft2 that
uses its original data files.
This is a professional port of Wargus game for android.

-- To Play Wargus you must own a Warcraft2 copy --
-- Screen resolution must be at least 800x480 --

Wargus does support both Tides of Darkness & Beyond the Dark Portal (expansion).

- Full touch/android integration
- Optimized audio
- Stable! Tens of bugfix
- Fast and battery friendly!
- Working great on tables too

What's in this version:

0.9.5 - 1 Major crash bugfixes, 1 Minor issue, 1 Optimization
this release _should_ fix tegra2 crash, until i get my hands on a tegra2 device i can only guess
transports no longer unload units on every move
few (old/unoptimized) phones should have an huge performance boost
screen now stays on even if you don't press any button
Currently working on:
trying to debug tegra opengl crash

More Info:

Installation Instructions: Copy the folder from inside either the "Tides Of Darkness" zip file or the "Beyond The Dark Portal" zip file to the root of your SD Card depending on which game you want to play. Then install apk.


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