November 2011

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Air Penguin v1.0.3 Apk game

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Jump, fly and dodge through Antarctica.

Air Penguin is incredibly simple and highly addictive. All you need to know is how to tilt.
Journey through the icy South Pole to help Air Penguin save his family from melting ice caps.

Who said penguins can't fly?! Make them flap their tiny wings!
Tilt your way out of danger as you bounce, glide and slide through this Antarctic adventure today!


Tilt Air Penguin in all directions to guide him safely through the Antarctic

Campaign through 125 stages in Story Mode or see how far you can go in Survival Mode

Hitch a lift on a turtle's back, swerve past angry sharks and watch out for thin ice

Acquire fish to use special features and abilities to help you on your way

Experience the adorable world of Air Penguin unfold in hi-res graphics

What's in this version:
Now play Air Penguin on your TABLETS
Earn twice as much FISH for the ORIGINAL price!
Try to complete the game on Story Mode with the new CONTINUE function!
You can now buy new characters with the Fishes you earned!
25 additional stages added
Minor bugs fixed

Download Instructions:


Virtual Table Tennis 3D v2.7.1 Apk game

Requirements: Android 2.1
Overview: Exciting table tennis simulation with real-time 3D graphics.

Fast paced table tennis action comes to your Android phone. Perform smashing serves and side-spin shots to take out your opponents in the most exciting sports simulation on your mobile phone.

* 30 levels across 3 difficulty settings
* OpenGL 3D graphics
* Intuitive touch screen controls
* Vibration force feedback

What's in this version:
- Improved controls that allow the paddle to be controlled between rounds

Download Instructions:

Motley Dream v1.0.1 Apk game

Requirements: Android 2.0
Overview: Let's try new platformer with cool phisycs, color-based puzzles and challenging levels.
Just remember! DO NOT TOUCH things, whose color is different from your and everything will be ok.

Change your color wisely to safely complete the levels.

Do not make sudden movements! Tilt your device carefully to help the tumbleweed reach the portal.

Play 7 levels for free and then unlock rest of them if you like it.
Before saying that 30 is not enough, try to complete all of them - it is not so easy :) Then updates will not take long.

Download Instructions:  

Generation of Chaos v1.0 Apk game

Requirements: Android 1.6
Overview: “Generation of Chaos”, the first massive Strategy RPG for your Android device!
After “Spectral Souls”, HyperDevbox strikes again with “Generation of Chaos”, a new 100-hour game experience.

Build and govern your own kingdom. Engage in 30 vs 30 thrilling battles in real time to defend and expand your territory.
Immerse yourself into each kingdom’s story and play as over 150 characters through 10 different campaigns.

The Dravanian revolution ended in 1701 leaving a nation in ruins. In the wake of this chaos, Minister Zeo deftly rose to emerge as Dravania’s new leader. Before long, Zeo began to transform Dravania into a powerful military force. Now, Dravania has risen from the ashes to restore peace and prosperity to the rest of Lost Grounds…

- The first massive Strategy RPG for Android
- Over 150 unique commanders
- 10 different campaigns
- Over 100 hours of gameplay
- 30 vs 30 epic battles in real-time
- Animated special attacks and spoken events
- Two touch configurations (including a tablet mode)
- Support for Touch & Keyboard with key mapping
- Xperia PLAY optimized

- You need a SDCARD with at least 1.8GB of free space. - There is a MASSIVE 1.8GB additional data download to complete the installation so WIFI is "ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY" and a good dose of patience too, the installation may take from 30mn to 60mn to complete based on your Internet network configuration and/or our servers congestion, everybody will be served but please be patient.
- There is an "in-game" FAQ in case you have some trouble during the installation so please take the time to read it should you have problems.
- Game is set, by default, to use the HIGHEST resolution available so please adjust in the option screen should your device be a little "just" to support the full hires data.
- A High-End device is highly recommended for the best gaming experience however the game is fully enjoyable from Nexus1 or similar type of device. There is a pre-hardware check in the game before allowing the 1.8GB download so those with hardware not yet supported should be able to refund within the actual refund window.

Supplied by Legion
Cracked by Normad21

Download Instructions: 

Jelly Defense v1.08 Apk game

Requirements: for Android version 2.1 and higher, supports App2SD
Overview: Finally something worth defending!

Join the Jelly forces now and lead them to glory in this uneven and fierce fight against the invaders! Use your tactical skills and wisdom to tip the scales of victory in your favor in order to save the Diploglobe and the Jelly nation from the agressors! That's right, you are their only hope - the one they call the liberator, the true leader, the Jelly savior! You are the hero they deserve! Just look at these poor little creatures. They trust you, they believe in you, they rely on you. Can you refuse those big faithfull eyes (or eye)? You're really their only hope!

Get Jelly Defense now and lose yourself in an amazing, unique and beautiful world! Build powerful towers and lead your army to battle against fantastic and demanding enemies! The most magic, addicting and surreal adventure awaits you! Jump in and become the ultimate Jelly legend!

Jelly Defense, mmm...

What's new in version 1.08
Fixed lockscreen bug on Honeycomb
Compatible with Ice Cream Sandwich

Download Instructions:


World of Goo v1.0.1 Apk game

Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Beautiful and surprising, the millions of Goo Balls who live in the World of Goo are curious to explore - but they don't know that they are in a game, or that they are extremely delicious.

This is the FULL award winning game, now on Android. Drag and drop living, squirming, talking, globs of goo to build structures, bridges, cannonballs, zeppelins, and giant tongues.
Mysterious Levels - Each level is strange and dangerously beautiful, introducing new puzzles, areas, and the creatures that live in them.

World of Goo Balls - Along the way, undiscovered new species of Goo Ball, each with unique abilities, come together to ooze through reluctant tales of discovery, love, conspiracy, beauty, electric power, and the third dimension.

The Sign Painter - Someone is watching you.

World of Goo Corporation - Congratulations! World of Goo Corporation is the Global Leader in Goo and Goo Related Product, including World of Goo Corporation Trademark Brand Soft Drink Beverage and World of Goo Corporation Trademark Brand Facial Exfoliating Lotion. Succulent!

Massive Online Competition - Human players around the world compete in a living leaderboard to build the tallest towers of goo in World of Goo Corporation's mysterious sandbox. World of Goo Corporation is contractually obligated to state that everyone is a winner and is enthusiastic to celebrate everyone's tower building opportunities equally.

Congratulations, and good luck!

Awards and recognition for World of Goo:
* Best Design -Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences
* Best Downloadable Title -Game Developers Choice Awards
* Best Design -Independent Games Festival
* Technical Excellence -Independent Games Festival
* Best Indie Game -Spike TV Video Game Awards
* Game of the Year -Rock Paper Shotgun
* Game of the Year -GameTunnel
* Wii Game of the Year -IGN
* Best PC Puzzle Game -IGN
* Best Wii Puzzle Game -IGN
* Best Artistic Design Wii -IGN
* Best New IP Wii -IGN
* Most Innovative Design Wii -IGN
* Puzzler of the Year -Golden Joystick Awards

What's in this version:
Enabled Nexus One and HTC Desire to download the game.

Download Instructions:


Demolition Master 3D v1.4 Apk game

Requirements: Android 2.2 +
Overview: New 3D game for your Android device! With Demolition Master 3D you will fill like the real bomb expert capable of tackling even the most complicated tasks. Travel to various countries and continents, take part in ambitious construction projects and demolish, demolish, demolish!

Demolition Master 3D is a sequel of popular game Demolition Master that already has hundreds of thousands fans worldwide.


- Game is entirely in 3D;
- Realistic physics;
- Excellent graphics and nice visual effects;
- 110 game levels, 5 locations;
- 4 types of explosives with different properties;
- Social network OpenFeint (leaderboards & achievements).

Demolition Master 3D will become your favorite game that will always stay with you in your Android. Demolish and enjoy excellent graphics, intensity and variety of levels.

Download Instructions:


Zen Pinball THD 0.91 Apk game

Zen Pinball THD is the ultimate pinball experience on Tegra devices!

From the creators of Zen Pinball, Marvel Pinball, and Pinball FX2, comes Zen Pinball THD, the most exciting mobile pinball game experience available! Featuring interactive 3D models, the most advanced ball physics, rich social features and hot seat multiplayer, Zen Pinball THD continues the rich pinball tradition established by Zen Studios, the definitive leader in pinball videogames.

Available for the first time on any mobile platform, Zen Pinball THD harnesses the power of Tegra’s GeForce® GPU and dual-core CPU to produce a hyper-realistic, graphically-rich pinball gaming experience. The game sets a new standard for realistic ball physics and graphical detail in pinball video games employing cutting-edge visuals, challenging tables, true-to-life ball and table physics and combines them with innovative features not found in any other pinball game.

Zen Pinball THD is available for NVIDIA Tegra powered Android devices running Android 2.3 or greater!

Your Pinball Arcade
Think of Zen Pinball THD as your own personal pinball arcade! The game is a free download featuring many different pinball tables, including the critically acclaimed Marvel Pinball series.

FREE Table!
Zen Pinball THD comes with the Sorcerer's Lair table absolutely free!

Marvel Pinball Tables
The critically acclaimed Wolverine and Fantastic Four tables are available as individual purchases!

New Tables Released Frequently!
Zen Pinball THD is frequently updated with new tables that you can buy individually. Build your own custom pinball arcade within Zen Pinball THD!

TONS of Features!
- Worldwide leader boards and friend challenges
- Table achievements
- Each table comes equipped with a rule sheet providing tips and tricks to help you boost your score
- Pass the game around to friends as you compete with each other for the top pinball wizard in Hot Seat multiplayer mode
Main table works for now, still working on unlocking the extra 2 tables. If anyone can figure it out before me (like twingo, djeman, or yener90) by all means go ahead and post it!


TRAP HUNTER TD v1.0.0 Apk game

Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: 'TRAP HUNTER TD' is a new-style, UNIQUE-TRAP-SYSTEM Tower Defence Game.
'TRAP HUNTER TD' is a New-style Tower Defence Game that is characteristic by UNIQUE TRAP SYSTEM.

Predict some courses of enemies, to block and destroy them with traps!
Each trap has own function, and can work more powerful by upgrade.
Setting/Upgrading traps requires some 4 kinds of material, and you can get it by defeating enemies.
Make good use of various traps to defeat enemies!
You need to survive against all enemy's invasion, to accomplish a mission.
Let's challenge 15 missions, invasion of many kind of enemies wait for you!

・What is 'TRAP HUNTER'?
This game is a Tower Defense game in common with the theme of 'TRAP HUNTER -LOST GEAR-'.

Download Instructions: 

Angry Doogipang- Whack a mole v1.0 Apk game

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Funny!! Funny!! DoogiPang Whack-A-Mole!!

★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★New cute and lovely Doogi Characters is Coming!!!!
More Comfortable Playing!
And more Stages and more character will be updated soon..
Over 2 million Users are playing DoogiPang all over the world!!!!
★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ ★
- The Top #1 Paid Games/Kids in TAIWAN in March.
- Top25 Paid Games/Kids,Family in CHINA, HONGKONG, MALAYSIA, THAILAND in March.
COME & JOIN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ ★
Funny!! Funny!! DoogiPang Pro~
There are two different types of games:
- Time Attack Mode - 60sec.
- Survival Mode (Total 4 lives)
You can hit many times on same target, then You can get more Combos.
DoogiPang also used OpenFeint, players can check the ranking using global leaderboards.
Come and Challenge it!!!!!

Download Instructions: 

Lame Castle v1.53 apk game

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Dash your way to save the kingdom by destroying the evil wizard's Lame Castle
*** We just released our new game, Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack!, check it out ***

"Any fan of running and dashing should just buy this now...Pure genius"

"While the castle is lame.. this game is anything but lame! a must buy"

"This game is definitely one of the most well polished endless runners I've played. I love punting chickens!!"

************************************************** ****

Lame Castle is a "dash" or "runner" game similar to the likes of Robot Unicorn Attack, Canabalt, or Monster Dash. There are 24 levels to blaze through (each with their own bonus objective) and 4 truly unique endless modes.

Dash your way to save the kingdom and win over the princess by destroying Wizzy the evil wizard's Lame Castle.

-24 levels, each with a special bonus objective
-4 unique endless challenge modes
-22 achievements (OpenFeint)
-Leaderboards (OpenFeint)
-XPERIA PLAY Optimized

-Press the left side of the screen to JUMP and DOUBLE JUMP
-Hold to jump further
-Press the right side of the screen to ATTACK
-If you've picked up a power attack you will dash through the air when attacking

Download Instructions:

Hyperlight HD v1.3.1 Apk game

Requirements: Android OS 2.2+
Overview: Get ready for an innovative gaming experience, super-fast, psychedelic, get ready for Hyperlight! In this game, tons of evil cosmic beings will chase you, but in an instant you will be able to torn them to pieces at the speed of light!

* Remember the key rules: tilt to live or to kill!
Hyperlight is an innovative action game focused on the use of the accelerometer, where you control a spaceship that increases its speed according to the inclination of the device, up to go faster than light thus becoming a lethal weapon capable to break down any enemy!
You may have already played many action games that promise a fast-paced and fluid gameplay, but certainly nothing like what is proposed in Hyperlight! Turn on your F.T.L. (faster-than-light) engine, and splinter into infinity and beyond by making scorched earth around you!

For the first time in a game like this, enemies will fear you, because in Hyperlight your own spaceship can be turned into the most dangerous weapon, the ultimate weapon that can destroys the endless horde of evil cosmic beings otherwise destined to devour the universe.

You can increase your destructive power taking advantage of various bonuses and deadly weapons scattered throughout the levels, but always ensure you have a good supply of FTL if you do not want to become an easy prey! Also try to perform ever more complex and satisfying attack combinations to cause massive destruction of enemies, if you aspire to reach galactic scores!

Hyperlight comes with two main game modes. (more to come soon!)
Arcade Mode is long and challenging, with a strategic verve, and includes very intriguing boss battles. Infinity Mode is much more immediate, just to keep you instantly satisfied.

* Universal App: runs in HD on High Resolution devices!
* Extremely innovative gameplay: tilt to move, attack and defend!
* No complicated controls: use only the accelerometer to play
* Stunning 2.5D neon-style graphics and animated backgrounds
* High quality FX, particle effects, polytrails etc
* Exciting techno/dance and rock musics
* Arcade mode with 40 different levels
* Infinity mode for an endless fun
* Many different types of enemies and attack formations
* 8 Challenging boss battles
* 10 Special bonuses and destructive weapons
* Open Feint support
* Local and Online highscores
* 24 Achievements
* Powered by Unity3D

What's in this version:
Supports Android 4.0 ICS.
Facebook and Twitter integration.
Additional menu and gameplay optimizations.

Download Instructions:


Star Traders RPG Elite v4.1.7 apk game

Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview:Trade, battle, pirate & bounty for galactic riches in an epic space sci-fi game.

You can copy your profile/Captain from Star Traders RPG to Elite. Use the "Copy Captain" feature under the Roster in the main menu.

Star Traders RPG Elite is a complex space simulation and turn-based Strategy role playing game. The game is set in a vast, dynamic galaxy torn apart by war, betrayal and commerce.

Experience the Elite Upgrade: Epic new content includes 2,000 new Sectors, 200 additional Zones and more than 150 exclusive art files. Take your space based adventures to a huge next galaxy.

Pick sides in a shifting war between 6 unique Factions. Pick a side (or two) and play as Merchant, Assassin, Explorer, Warlord, Pirate or Smuggler. Buy, Sell, Battle and Pilot over 100 unique craft. Discover, Explore and Quest on more than 140 planets.

For both Hero & Villain: Upgrade to RPG Elite!

Featuring a professional soundtrack this epic space opera is a hit with fans of Star Wars, Firefly, Serenity and Battlestar Galatica. Your command of the ship is under constant threat, both internal and external. Can you manage your resources, crew, off icers well to enough to turn a profit on your contracts? Those that do will be among the Faction's elite Star Heroes -- and those that fail will be branded bandits and Crimelords.

Star Traders RPG is in active development based on your feedback. Elite is regularly updated with new ships, new rumors and contract types.

Inspired by games such as EVE Online, Space Trader, Master of Orion, Pirates! and many other classic computer RPGs.

If you enjoy adventure, Action RPG or SciFi RPG with complex depth (such as Master of Orion or Mass Effect) you may enjoy Star Traders space role playing game.

Full character control and customization. Travel the galaxy in this turn-based strategy/role-playing game. Features 5 unique skills, 6 character classes, 100 different capital space craft. Customized your craft and ships with 25 different improvements.


Ninja Rush Deluxe v1.07 Apk game

Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Best ninja game ever
Now start the new journey for ninja,
new battle to challenge player from all over the world.

Rush to the end of this ninja world. Yet another excellent FREE game from Feelingtouch Inc.
shuriken, lurker, samurai. This is the jungle of ninja master.

Comments from user:
by rafa (March 15, 2011)
"This edition of the game is perfect better graphics and more FPS Samsung galaxy 3"
by Brandon (March 15, 2011)
"Omg its awesome its awesomer than the world"
by Abigail (March 14, 2011)
"My fave game of all time! Omg so cool! Like totally!"

*add new props like crow and big Boss, try to run far away to active them.

*Try your best to jump over the cliff.

*Double jump if you want jump higher

*Click fire button to kill enemy samurai by shuriken

*Speed up by slide forward and slow down by slide backward

*Fly like a spider man with your ninja rope when you see the ceiling. Do
not forget click to throw your rope at that time.

Enjoy yourself in this game.

Download Instructions:

Great Little War Game v1.0.7 Full Apk game

Invade your neighbours, spread mayhem and destruction, drink a little tea!

GLWG is the hit 3D turn-based strategy game that everyone's talking about. With a unique comical style and plenty of laughs and excitement, you'll keep coming back again and again for "just one more go."

Core Features:
❋ Campaign mode
❋ Multiplayer mode
❋ Skirmish mode
❋ openFeint achievements
❋ Four difficulty settings
❋ Lush visuals
❋ Full 3D terrain affects gameplay
❋ Simple control method
❋ Lots of units
❋ Lots of terrain types
❋ High replayability
❋ Tons of humour
❋ Absolutely no birds or zombies

Take command of your army and battle the foe on land, sea and air but be sure to make wise decisions as you go. You want to deploy your soldiers to take full advantage of the higher terrain, natural choke points, ambush spots and defensive walls. Get it right and the bad guys will lose to your superior strategy skills.

See what the critics are saying:

❋ TapScape review: 10/10

"Great Little War Game is just that: a well-designed and enjoyable tactical war game perfect for those who enjoy the lighter side of virtual warfare."

❋ Touch Arcade review: 5/5

"I'll call Great Little War Game "great" without hesitation" ... "the kind of game you can really sink your teeth into, which is rare enough. So I'm delighted to discover that it's also rich in features, good looking and full of humor."

❋ PocketGamer: Silver Award

"With its cute 3D visuals, infectious humour and engaging gameplay, Great Little War Game is as good an example of a turn-based strategy title as you’re likely to find on Android."

❋ First place (march)

"The lavish production values of the game, incredible attention to detail and excellent animation gives you a sense of aerial, naval and land warfare that gets as good as you can expect on a small screen"

❋ Infinipixel review: 9.5/10

"Between the improved AI and wonderful new modes, I'm going to have to give GLWG a solid 10 in this category. It features the best gameplay I've found in any mobile turn based strategy game I've played to date."

Varied missions are the order of the day here - capture the enemy HQ, escort the Generalissimo to safety, guide small squads behind enemy lines, defend your get the picture. There are 30 missions included, so it's going to be one crazy ride if you decide you’re brave enough to give them a try.

What are waiting for? Right now, as you sit reading this, there is a battalion of soldiers just waiting for your command. Download Great Little War Game now and take your place alongside your troops. Lead well, live long and have fun.

Marv The Miner 2 v1.17 Full Apk game

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview:Guide Marv through over 50 challenging levels in the dark Mines of Kazarakt.
Marv The Miner is out on a new adventure! This time in the Mines of Kazarakt.

Guide Marv through the dark Mines of Kazarakt in his hunt for enormous jewels and treasures!
Use the in-game touch controls to guide Marv through over 50 challenging levels. Use springs and cannons to reach higher heights, avoid the fire traps and use teleports and transporters to move Marv around in the mine. Engage different types of monsters, choose your weapon, and upload your high score.
- Over 50 challenging, mind-blowing levels
- Use Teleports and Transporters to move Marv around in the mine
- Use Springs and Cannons to reach higher heights
- Beware of the Fire traps
- Different types of monsters (Where Bear, Slime Drop, Dragon Fly)
- Use weapons like pick axe and bombs to kill monsters
- Upload your hiscore
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Follow us on Twitter:
* Xperia PLAY optimized *


Noddy™ in Toyland v1.0 Full Apk game

Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview:★ The first Noddy game for Android smartphones! ★
Join Noddy and his friends for new adventures in Toyland, a world full of charming characters who love to help one another, play and learn together!

• Puzzles to develop reasoning and deductive skills
• Pairs to boost memory and concentration
• Car racing to help improve anticipation and spatial awareness
• Spot-the-difference game to sharpen observation skills
• Musical game to improve reaction skills

• All of Noddy's friends are here, including Tessie, Mr. Plod, Bumpy, Mr. Jumbo, and The Skittles…
• Graphics and music from the TV series!

★ Three levels of difficulty
★ Easy to read menus for all ages
With hours of fun to be had, come on… Let’s play!

* * * APP IN ENGLISH * * * 
 Mirrors : 

Domino Run v1.0.2 cracked Apk game

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Overview: Place your dominoes in the correct order and topple them all to win!

Domino Run is an addictive and challenging puzzle game. Rearrange your dominoes on the platforms and topple them all with one push. Use special domino types to bridge gaps, destroy platforms and more. Play 70 levels of increasing difficulty across 3 worlds. Once you've solved the levels, try to beat our times and match the minimum moves!

Hint for new players: You can still move blocks while other dominoes are tumbling. If you're stuck in level 1-15 you may want to remember this.

Try the free Lite version before you buy!
The full version gives you:
* More levels
* More worlds
* Future content updates

Download Instructions:

Supersonic HD™ v1.0.0 cracked Apk game

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Supersonic is an adrenaline-charged, music-driven 3D ride game. Blaze through radiant neon racing circuits at ever faster speeds, accompanied by electronic beats from Finnish artist collective Kitkaliitto. The ultimate challenge comes in the 30-second Blitz mode with speed boosts, time extends and other special collectibles.

Features :

* High speed 3D tunnel ride game
* Cutting edge riders can compete for a place on the weekly Top 50 list
* Levels designed to the rhythm of electronic music by Kitkaliitto (
* Three game modes: Classic, Blitz and MixTape
* Blazing 30-second Blitz mode with speed boosts, time extends and other special collectibles
* Four classic mode racing circuits with custom soundtracks and loads of score bonuses
* Earn game credits to purchase power-ups for Blitz mode


Download link :

Noogra Nuts v1.2.8 Apk game

Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Noogra Nuts - You'll go Nuts about this Game!

Christmas update is here!
Noogra Nuts is a cool Android arcade game, were you control a cute little squirrel with a unique ability, he can crack nuts, using its head!

Using the accelerometer you can control its movement and pressing anywhere on the screen will make him jump.

While playing the game, nuts will start falling from the sky. Each nut that the squirrel headbutts will start cracking and give you points. Once you crack a nut open, you can eat it and get more points.

Hurry up, you have only 120 seconds to achieve the best score.

Latest update added a New Nut: the Iron Acorn!
See here for a video showing how to obtain it:

+Christmas update is here!
+ Free Game
+Unlock new Survival Mode, Remove the Ads and unlock the great Pistachio Nut for only $1.99!
+New - Hats for the squirrel!
+Topnotch high quality graphics
+Suitable for all ages - Kids & Adults
+Easy to play hard to master
+Game supports OpenFeint for high score leader board submission
+Works both on phones and Tablets (Honeycomb)
+Post your high score to your Facebook wall
+OpenFeint integration
+Android Exclusive release - No iPhone Version :)
+Next update will include achievements, endless survival mode and much more!
+ Join our Facebook fan page for update and special freebies
+ Heyzap integration

Reviews :
"Noogra Nuts, the Android Exclusive Headbutting Squirrel -
we immediately fell in love with the cute graphics and easy to master gameplay. Toss in vibrant colors, fun sound effects, and OpenFeint integration and you have a recipe for a high replay game. We've played a couple of rounds of Noogra Nuts when we should have been otherwise working."
Scott Webster,

"It's popular, enjoyable, and a darn good challenge for one reason; You can never get all the nuts and you know you never will, but you can't accept it!
This really is a game for those who want to kill a lot of time, and have a lot of fun doing so."
Sam Caplat,

"With OpenFeint integration, you can measure your headbutting skills against your friends', or random people nearby. Noogra Nuts is a pretty entertaining game. Perfect for killing a few minutes here and there and not so involved that you can't inturrupt your game when your boss walks by your desk! I will say this, though it's a tough game to put down once you've gotten a score worth trying to beat.
Noogra Nuts was just released Yesterday (August 3rd, 2011) and is FREE in the Market! It's also an Android exclusive game, so you can show it to your friends and coworkers with iPhones and iPads, and when they ask "Where can I get it?" you can reply "you CAN'T!""
Phil G.,

"What drew me the Noogra Nuts, is its simplicity and ability to be as addictive as many of the old 2D games that we all know and love. With a similar 2D engine to that of Pong or Brick Breaker, the aim of the game is to stop any falling nuts from hitting the ground, long enough that they will crack open and let you eat their delicious contents."
Imran Sarwar,

v1.2.8 updates:

- Join the Christmas elements;
- Survival mode adds a new feature;
- When the phone is muted, the game will run in silent mode;
- Some other performance improvements.

Download Instructions:


SlimeDroid HD v1.4 Apk game

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: SlimeDroid HD : Now on Android !

You can finally play Slime Games on your Android !

SlimeDroid is a game inspired by the very famous Slime Games on the Internet. It is a game of volleyball where you control a slime and you need to bounce a ball on your head to send it in the camp of the enemy.

Would you be able to beat Billy, Willy and Jacky ? Good luck !

- The goal with Jacky is to bounce the ball as many times as possible ;o)
- For better performance (depending on your device) you can turn off the sound and effects in the pause menu.

Download Instructions: 


Voltage v1.0 Apk game

Requirements: Android 2.2
Overview: Fascinating and stylish dieselpunk themed puzzle from Boolba Labs.

Build the high voltage circuit and watch it disappear in colourful sparks of tameless electricity. Race against the ticking timer or relax in unlimited mode. Compete with other players through OpenFeint scoring system.

Try new game from the makers of "Toss It", "Smiley Pops", "Link It" and "Paper Jet".

"Voltage" is a true challenge of wit and ingenuity. Try it and see what you are capable of.

Download Instructions: 

Doggy Style v1.8.3 Apk game

Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: "Doggy Style is pure genius."

"It's going to be quite some time before you find something so simple so thrilling again." -OverGameWorld
"I bought it last night. The fast pace and one-button gameplay translate perfectly to Android's ubiquitous little mobile device." -Rev. Joshi, BoomDroids
"Doggy Style is actually much more intense than you'd assume of a game which requires a single finger to play." -GameFly
"It's all very lovely and full of poignant subtext. And awesomeness. Doggy Style is a prime example of a simple idea executed extremely well." -JayIsGames
"I have never seen a concept so richly and successfully realized in such a simple yet stunningly complete form. Doggy Style represents the power and potential of small independent games."
"Music is another component that is just perfect - it enhances the strange and unsettling setting of the game and also gives a sense of speed with a hint of hope that quick feet might be the salvation to the horror."
"Fast load times combined with short (yet exciting) game sessions really make for an attractive game to play on a mobile device." -TouchArcade
"Fantastic new ... Android game. Super-simple, pixel-perfect, great music and sound." -

Download Instructions:

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NFL Flick Quarterback v1.0 Cracked Apk game

Requirements: Android version 2.1 and higher
Overview: Featuring all 32 official NFL teams, play the most addictive football game on mobile!

NFL Flick Quarterback is the first game to put the guts and glory of offensive passing in your hands. Be the QB of your favorite team - pass to receivers, dodge defenders and make amazing trick shots.

The incredible flick and after-touch controls that have made users across the world love Flick Golf and Flick Soccer are now powering an awesome football-throwing experience.

EVERYONE can play, but are you good enough to become a Hall of Famer?


• Complete passes to try for the highest score in Playmaker
• Face your opponents, avoiding their intelligent movement and interception skills
• Juke oncoming defenders to avoid getting sacked
• Throw as many passes as you can into the trash can in Trick Shot
• Play during the day or night, and even take on the natural elements – can you stand up to the wind like the toughest of NFL QBs?
• Pick your favorite team and customize your jersey name and number to become the QB you’ve always dreamed of becoming
• Play among beautifully rendered 3D stadium environments
• More than 120 unique football player animations
• Dancing cheerleaders before the game
• Stunning high resolution graphics

Recent changes:
1.0 Initial Release

Download Instructions:
Mirrors :

Supersonic HD™ v1.0.0 Apk game

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Supersonic is an adrenaline-charged, music-driven 3D ride game. Blaze through radiant neon racing circuits at ever faster speeds, accompanied by electronic beats from Finnish artist collective Kitkaliitto. The ultimate challenge comes in the 30-second Blitz mode with speed boosts, time extends and other special collectibles.

Features :

* High speed 3D tunnel ride game
* Cutting edge riders can compete for a place on the weekly Top 50 list
* Levels designed to the rhythm of electronic music by Kitkaliitto (
* Three game modes: Classic, Blitz and MixTape
* Blazing 30-second Blitz mode with speed boosts, time extends and other special collectibles
* Four classic mode racing circuits with custom soundtracks and loads of score bonuses
* Earn game credits to purchase power-ups for Blitz mode



Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack! v1.15 Apk game

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Grab some bombs and step into the boots of Serious Sam's worst nightmare, the Headless Kamikaze. Your muscles are gigantic, you are not wearing a shirt, and your head is gone. Now you're ready for your kamikaze mission: Run faster and faster until you find your arch nemesis Serious Sam. He's wearing a shirt. Tackle him like your life totally depends on it. Heck yes!

Run, Attack, and Repeat
Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack! is a ridiculously chaotic runner game for your Android device. You'll have to get used to the hectic pace right away. Start dodging hazards and annihilating objects so you can get super pissed off--otherwise you'll never succeed in your quest to find Sam and attack him with the fury of 10,000 grizzly bears.

Unlock Challenges and Features
• Kick missiles
• Punt frogs
• Boot bombs

There goes Sam in his stupid white shirt!
You need to attack pretty much everything, but if you get too mad you will explode and die. Get awards for no rage deaths, no damage taken, and no complete fails.

Try not to totally fail and die
• Explore over 40 levels of kamikaze action
• Challenge yourself with bonus levels
• Run, smash objects, and grab Powerups

Awesome, Stylized Illustration
Revel in smooth gameplay in a stylish, hand-sketched world. Unique animation makes every explosion fun to watch, even if it's you exploding. With simple and intuitive controls and tons of extras, this game will have you hooked in no time.

What's new in version 1.15
Removed Tapjoy functionality in the "Head Shop"
Unlocked all the heads by default

Download Instructions:


Constant C v1.02.5 Apk game

Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Constant C is a new action puzzle game, played by controlling time and

In a distant future, a dark force gained control of the universe. Everything stopped moving – the time is frozen and gravity is gone. The only hope of recovering the universe relies on “Constant C,” a robot gifted with a small circle of power, allowing Constant C to move and to revive the time and gravity within the circle. When Constant C approaches an object, the object becomes “alive” and when Constant C leaves, the object becomes frozen again. By making good use of Constant C’s power, your mission is to remove obstacles ahead and find a way for Constant C to reach the control center of the dark force.

There are 29 levels. To solve the puzzles, you need to be intelligent and creative. Each puzzle gives you a new experience, and along the way, your will learn important skills that can help you solve the puzzles. The unique feature of Constant C will give you a mind blowing experience. So, be quick! The universe is waiting for you.

Genre: 2D Platform, Puzzle, Action !
System Require: Multi-Touch Screen, IQ Above Average

Download Instructions: 

Marble Blast! v1.0.8 (Ad-Free) Apk game

Requirements: Android v2.1 and Higher
Overview: A fun ZUMA style game.

Classic ZUMA style game with more awesome new features.

Are you a super fan of Zuma games? If the answer is yes, Marble Blast is the game that you must have.
It has a lot of new items to make the game much more interesting and challenging.

How to play:
Shoot to match colored marbles in group of 3 or more;
More marbles, higher score;
Create Combos to cause a chain reaction and earn more opportunities to get awarding items.

Highlighted features:
Well-designed maps, to make the game more enjoyable and addictive.
New items, to make the game more exciting and interesting.
OpenFeint leaderboard, to compete with the players around the world!

What's in this version:
Added 5 levels(No.56-60)
Fixed some rare problems causing crashing

Cracker's Notes:
Tired of the annoying banner ad at the bottom of the screen (even while you're playing)? How about those annoying pop-ups after you've finished a level asking you to download other games or to rate this one? No need to worry, I've gotten rid of them. This release doesn't display ANY ads! I've noticed that they update this game quite frequently, so I've written a script to patch the APK when it's updated. This way, updates will be cracked VERY quickly. This was cracked by me, PutterPlace. If you share this elsewhere, please give credit where it's due.

Download Instructions:


Race of Champions v1.02 Apk game

Requirements: Android 2.1
Overview: Welcome to the Race Of Champions (ROC) Official Game.

Grab your chance to race with the champions at ROC, the thrilling knockout tournament where the world's greatest drivers battle to show they're the fastest on Earth.

Through a series of head-to-head races in identical cars on a parallel track, you can fight the stars to see if you have what it takes to be crowned ’Champion Of Champions’.

Race with these officially-licensed cars, which are swapped between heats to ensure drivers have to prove themselves in a variety of machinery:
VW Scirocco
Solution F Prototype
Skoda Fabia S2000
Even more stunning cars on their way soon!

Race on precisely recreated tracks from recent ROC events in London, Paris, Düsseldorf, Gran Canaria and Barcelona, featuring tarmac and off-road surfaces.
Even more tracks cars on their way soon!

The game’s development had input from experienced drivers including ROC's co-founder and world rally legend Michèle Mouton plus Marc Duez, multiple winner of the Spa and Nürburgring 24-Hour races and a former European Rally Champion.

ROC offers Tilted, Tap and Virtual-Steering-Wheel controls.

ROC provides the most technologically advanced racing game on mobile platforms with highly-detailed cars, tracks, garages and racing drivers.

Championship Mode: Race through 4 different scenarios and 4 Championships at the ROC tracks in London, Paris, Düsseldorf and Gran Canaria.
Duel Mode: Challenge opponents ahead of you to jump up the online rankings.
Time Challenge Mode: Race against the clock using a ghost car to beat your previous best lap time.

ROC offers numerous camera views, car damage and detailed replay system.

What's in this version: v1.0.2

fixed random crashes
full version activation works properly now
minor bugfixes

Download Instructions:

Android 2.1 version : 

SD data :

SD location : Sdcard/Invictus

World of Goo v1.0 Full Apk game

Requirements: Android 2.2
Overview: Beautiful and surprising, the millions of Goo Balls who live in the World of Goo are curious to explore - but they don't know that they are in a game, or that they are extremely delicious.

This is the FULL award winning game, now on Android. Drag and drop living, squirming, talking, globs of goo to build structures, bridges, cannonballs, zeppelins, and giant tongues.
Mysterious Levels - Each level is strange and dangerously beautiful, introducing new puzzles, areas, and the creatures that live in them.
World of Goo Balls - Along the way, undiscovered new species of Goo Ball, each with unique abilities, come together to ooze through reluctant tales of discovery, love, conspiracy, beauty, electric power, and the third dimension.
The Sign Painter - Someone is watching you.
World of Goo Corporation - Congratulations! World of Goo Corporation is the Global Leader in Goo and Goo Related Product, including World of Goo Corporation Trademark Brand Soft Drink Beverage and World of Goo Corporation Trademark Brand Facial Exfoliating Lotion. Succulent!
Massive Online Competition - Human players around the world compete in a living leaderboard to build the tallest towers of goo in World of Goo Corporation's mysterious sandbox. World of Goo Corporation is contractually obligated to state that everyone is a winner and is enthusiastic to celebrate everyone's tower building opportunities equally.

Congratulations, and good luck!
Awards and recognition for World of Goo:

* Best Design -Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences
* Best Downloadable Title -Game Developers Choice Awards
* Best Design -Independent Games Festival
* Technical Excellence -Independent Games Festival
* Best Indie Game -Spike TV Video Game Awards
* Game of the Year -Rock Paper Shotgun
* Game of the Year -GameTunnel
* Wii Game of the Year -IGN
* Best PC Puzzle Game -IGN
* Best Wii Puzzle Game -IGN
* Best Artistic Design Wii -IGN
* Best New IP Wii -IGN
* Most Innovative Design Wii -IGN
* Puzzler of the Year -Golden Joystick Awards

NOTE: There are lots of Android devices out there with varying capabilities. If you have an older phone, we recommend trying the demo first.

Download Instructions:

R-Type v1.0.6 Full Apk game

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Let's go back in the 80's with this classic old-school shoot'em up! One of the biggest arcade game will make you travel back in the day. Be ready to have fun with this old-school side-shooter game!

The game is the challenging R-Type you used to play before. And we kept all its specifics, just the way you remember it! Fly through 8 levels with 3 different control options. Play in two difficulty levels. Upgrade with new weapons, power-ups, and attachments. Defeat 8 unique bosses and waves of various enemies.

Blast off and strike the evil Bydo Empire! Don't be shy and use your best shot to take them down! It's retro, it's fun and it's also hard to master. Be the best ever to finish this masterpiece!

Xperia PLAY optimized!

What's New:
1.0.5 changes :
Zeemote support
New icon
Improved performance on low-end devices
Removed unnecessary permissions.
Zeemote users : to enable Zeemote support, please pair the Zeemote with your phone before running the app.



Going Nuts v1.3 Apk game

Requirements: Android 2.2
Overview: Fly your squirrel through dense forests in GOING NUTS! FREE on Android Market!
Fly your squirrel through dense forests and gather delicious acorns in GOING NUTS! Smash through obstacles with helmets or dress up as a classic stuntman. Watch out for owls, bad nuts or TNT tied to balloons! How far can YOU fly?

Download and play for FREE on the Android Market!


- Exciting 3D graphics and just the darned cutest little squirrel!
- Intense game play as you fly through lush trees, burnt forests and ice spires, gaining speed all the way
- Plenty of power-ups, upgrades and outfits to buy in the shop with the nuts you gather or purchase
- Level up and gain rewards by completing goals
- Show off to your friends with OpenFeint leaderboards and achievements

GOING NUTS is brought to you by the fine folks at END Games Entertainment, who go nuts on a regular basis. We love making fun games, and hope you enjoy them too! Be sure to check out some of our other mobile games like BOUNCE THE BUNNY, CLICK!, and RECYCLING MOO.

Download Instructions: 

KAPOW v1.03 Apk game

Requirements: Android 2.0+
Overview: KAPOW - a game provides a new way to communicate!
Have you already felt bored with the old ways to say hello? Rather than phone call, SMS, facebook and twitter, KAPOW gives you a brand new interesting way to say hello to your friends. And furthermore, an addictive game.

In the game, you will select one of your friends from your phone contacts, and then, tap the screen to choose angle and power, strike! But it’s not over yet. You will ride on him to collect items. Then use the items – missle, thunder, or even a whole plane to hit him, to make him fly higher and further. But be careful! The birds in the sky may hit you! So tap the screen to jump to avoid this.

Use your items wisely, to make him fly further. Collect coins in the sky and buy weapons. Gain experience to level up, get stronger and additional strikes. And much more!

When he finally falls to the ground, you will catch up with him and make a glorious victory gesture. Why not share this picture with him? You can choose, either send an MMS/kik to your friend or share it on your facebook, twitter or other platforms to let others know what had happened between you and him.

We will continuously update the game. More features will be added. You will have chance to “say” more to your friends by playing this game.

Features List:
* A brand new way to communicate with people: Use a real game experience.

* Share anytime: When something great is happening in the game, or after the game.

* Share to any social platform: Kik, Facebook, Twitter, and much more.

* Directly send MMS to the friend you played with: No internet needed. And this show him/her how you concerned about him/her. Then he/she can beat you back!

* An addictive game: A classic game with a lot of new innovations. Intense and Addictive.

* Continuously Updates: We will update the game regularly to make it more interesting and addictive.

* Great graphics and music: We concerned about any tiny details.

Download Instructions: 

My Paper Plane 3 v2.22 Full Apk game

Requirements: Android 2.2
Overview: Grab stars and rack up massive combos as you fly through exciting environments.

Grab stars and rack up massive combos as you guide your paper plane through exciting 3D environments. Take to the sky with high resolution graphics, original music and easy, ultra accurate tilt controls. Breeze through the game on easier levels or attempt to earn your place among the best on the harder ones with online achievements and leaderboards.

Dynamically generated levels.
Awesome power-ups.
Many fun, unique locales. (more coming soon!)
Many planes and other vehicles to choose from.
Exhilarating feeling of flight.
Incredibly fluid motion.
Easy, ultra-accurate controls.
Medals and Achievements.
Online Leaderboards.

The third installment of the multi-platform hit series My Paper Plane finally lands on Android, sporting tremendously improved visuals and taking the ultra-fun gameplay up a few notches. Discover the joy of flight that millions of players world-wide experienced already.

Support for app2sd.

Download Instructions:

A Knights Dawn v1 Apk game

Requirements: Android 2.3
Overview: The #1 iOS Strategy Hit is finally available for your Android Device!

"Great game I cant stop playing :-)"
"A tough game, fun and challenging"
"Awesome game. I played this game non-stop for days! Very unique TD game.
I'm actually bored with the "standard" type of TD - this was a much needed twist!"

"A Knights Dawn hits all the right buttons as a defense game."
“ This looks amazing! …I'm very much looking forward to this.“
"My first impression of the game: WOW!"

Defense strategy made for gamers by gamers, this is not your usual run of the mill casual game, its challenging, with hours of fun!

- 60 Weapons
- for 6 Different Units
- each with their own Upgrades
and mighty Special attacks
- several difficulties
- including a challenging endless mode
- Facebook integration
- Original hand drawn, brilliant graphics in HD
- Strategic multilevel defense game
- Dramatic original sound effects and voice
- Original Orchestrated Music
- Unique in level controls and menu system
- Tons of Achievements to show off

Download Instructions:

SD data : 

Location :

Can Knockdown 2 v1.04 Apk game

Requirements: ANDROID 2.0.1 and up
Overview: Millions of players can't be wrong! The most addicting title of 2010 strikes back with new astonishing levels and even more precise sniper action!

Once again your aiming skills will be put to test but this time more challenges await! Can Knockdown 2 is the ultimate sequel you've been wishing for - 3 amazing and rewarding game modes which will keep you playing all night long, high-resolution eye-catching gorgeous 3D graphics, full Open Feint support, true to life physics, realistic sounds and so much more!

Fight against your own weaknesses while aiming and throwing balls at piles of cans in the improved and polished all time classic Can Knockdown! Prove your accuracy by destroying popping-up moving targets and fight against time in the new "hit-the-target" mode! Show off your skills and impress your friends while collecting bonuses and knocking down cans moving on a conveyor! Can Knockdown 2 is like three top-notch games in one - it will keep you, your family and friends hooked for months to come! Get this new iDreams title now and lose yourself in a world of addictive gameplay, amazing physics and global competition! Definitely a must have in your games collection!

"Can Knockdown 2 is currently my favorite casual iPhone game, which I am highly addicted to." - Crazy Mike Apps

"Can Knockdown 2 is an outstanding example of creativity and enormous game fun factor." - iReview

"For such a simple concept, it is an excellent and original take on a classic carnival game." - iPhone Life

"Can Knockdown 2 has the feel of a party Wii game on your iPad, without the wrist injuries." - iPad Critic

We must warn you: this game is catchier than any other. Playing Can Knockdown 2 can cause addiction." - Letemsvetemapplem

"Excellent graphics, addictive gameplay - everything you need to play you captivated. Enjoy!" - Ukrainian iPhone


Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook and check our other astounding products!

What's in this version:
Version 1.03. Improved performance and compatibility.
Samsung Galaxy S (Fascinate) needs Android 2.2 or later.
If you have any problems with our game, please do not rate it with 1 star. Send us an email and we'll try to find a solution or refund your purchase.
Enjoy the game! :)

Download Instructions:


Slot Machine + v4.3 cracked Apk game

Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: #1 Ranked Vegas Multi-line Slots with SUPER JACKPOT, SHOP & MINI GAMES! FREE!

#1 Vegas Multi-line Slots with VIDEO POKER, SUPER JACKPOT, & BADGES. FREE!

✔ No Ads
✔ Higher Starting Credits!
✔ Unlimited Video Poker mini games
✔ $30/minute SUPER JACKPOT (free version gets you only $25)
✔ Higher SUPER SPINNER odds
✔ All skins unlocked by default
✔ Reset Credits from 'Settings'

✔ GET XTRA Bonus Credits
✔ NEW MINI GAMES - Video Poker, Scratch Card Daily Bonus & Exclusive Super Derby mini game (ONLY for Pro users)
✔ SUPER JACKPOT - Get Free credits every 60 seconds! Get Rich Quick!
✔ VIRTUAL SHOP - Buy the most expensive things you can dream of!
✔ SUPER SPINNER MINI GAME - Wheel of Fortune Bonus Game

✔ Multiple paylines: Play upto 3 coins and 5 paylines for maximum cash/wins
✔ VIDEO POKER - Trigger 3 Mini Game icons to start playing your favorite card game. 2 Day Exclusive on Slots+
✔ OpenFeint with 20+ exciting achievements to explore
✔ SUPER JACKPOT - $100 Starting Bonus and $30 increments every minute ONLY on Slot Machine+. Get rich fast!
✔ 'Scratch Card' bonus game (2 Day Exclusive on Slot+)
✔ 'SUPER SPINNER' Game of Fortune - win upto $12,500 worth extra credits! Random 3 or 5 Spins
✔ 'SUPER DERBY' horse racing mini game (ONLY for Pro users)
✔ Virtual Shop: Cash Out your credit winnings and use these to Shop at the Emporium
✔ Get Rich with Collectibles from the Emporium and Show It All Off with Slot Machine’s Rich List!
✔ Heyzap, Facebook social integration to allow you to 'Show Off' your purchases online
✔ High Stakes with 'JACKPOT' of 3600 chips (CENTER line only)
✔ Multiple exciting skins - Vegas, Aqua, Holiday - All Unlocked FREE!
✔ Free Spins for Bells/Fruit (CENTER line only)
✔ Updated User Statistics
✔ Two Online Leader boards - 'CASINO CREDITS' & 'RICH LIST'. Compete Daily/Weekly/Monthly or play with the 'Pros' on All Time leaders table
✔ Play for top honors against other Android & iPhone users
✔ Advanced 'Settings' screen with choice of 2 sounds - Classic or Musical and multiple themes
✔ Auto Scores Recovery via SD card/server
✔ Save to SD card [re-install app for older android systems if it crashes during launch]
#Save to SD card option supported only on Android OS 2.2 and Above.#
✔ Upgrade & Transfer your credits over from the FREE version.
More exciting than any other Vegas casino or cards game (Poker, Roulette, Solitaire, Blackjack etc). Play NOW for a lifetime of fun!

What's in this version:
-In-app billing issue of 5000 coins not being cr3edited fixed
-Introducing Coins! Use it to buy the following:
-$10,000 pack
-Buy $50,000 pack
-2X for 24 hours pack
-2X for 72 hours pack
-New "Spider Squish" to unlock in Halloween theme
-Bugs Fixed
-Slot Pro and SlotKing achievement unlock
-Minor performance improvements

Download Instructions:


Cabals: The Card Game v1.0 Apk game

Requirements: Android 2.0.1+
Overview: Created with love, dedication and passion.

Cabals: The Card Game is a revolutionary new online card game.
It invites you to choose your side, expand your card collection, discover new tricks and combinations, and match your skills against single player and online opponents.

Download now and receive a free welcome pack worth 6$!

Cabals: The Card Game takes the best of trading card games and board games, and combines them for a unique game that is easy to pick up, and fun to master.

Pit your skills against single player challenges and online opponents. Ranking system, clever matchmaking, and global leaderboards guarantee excellent online gaming.

Experience two ways to win, four cabals with their distinct styles, and the initial set of 100 different cards.

Regular updates introduce new cards and new features, keeping Cabals: The Card Game always evolving, and constantly fresh.

Explore the original game world of Cabals: The Card Game, brought to life by the stunning art and charming soundtrack.

Download Instructions:

Amtalee v1.1.5 Full Apk game

Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: Addictive puzzle game. Figure out a way to guide the block through obstacles and let it slide into exit. Use switches to toggle bridges. After several easy levels real fun begins, where reaching the exit won't be as easy anymore.

v1.1.0 - Froyo Apps2SD support.
v1.1.2 - High resolution support.


Truck Demolisher v1.0.0 apk game

Requirements: Android 2.2
Overview: Huge Monster Trucks and 24 Car Crushing Levels!

Pick your monster truck and demolish all the cars that are in your way! Earn points by smashing and driving over all the cars in the level. See if you have what it takes to be a true monster truck demolisher! Drive over all the dynamite and launch your truck off huge ramps to get major air. Doing back-flips and front-flips are another way to earn big points.

Download Instructions:

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sleepy Jack v9154 cracked Apk game

Sleepy Jack v9154
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: The Game of Your DREAMS!
Meet SLEEPY JACK, brought to you by SilverTree Media, the team behind the #1 hit game CORDY! Each night Jack dreams of his favorite toys: laser-ing Galaxianoids, gun powder-packed desert dwellers, electricity zapping creatures of the Deep Deep Sea and Crazy Bosses! Help Sleepy Jack fly, dodge, collect, shoot, and bomb his way through 40 dazzling dream worlds in this console-quality 3D flying game! Download Sleepy Jack now, and get ready for the game you've always dreamed of playing!

• UNIVERSAL. Buy once and enjoy on all your supported phones & tablets.
• TOP 10 BEST OF E3. "adorable Psychonauts-esque presentation and solid gameplay...that is also tight and arcadey" - Pocket Gamer
• HOURS OF GAMEPLAY. 40 levels of fast-paced fun including 10 bonus levels and tons of replay value. Can you beat the clock, and catch every Z?
• COOL ACHIEVEMENTS. Earn badges for style. And if you like, share them with your friends on Facebook.
• Xperia PLAY optimized.
• "LIKE" Sleepy Jack at
• ACCLAIM FOR CORDY. Check out our other available game Cordy: #1 App in the United States, Germany, France, Spain, Canada and many more countries, "one of mobile gaming's most accomplished platformers" per IGN, also named "Android Editors' Choice!".
• 8 LANGUAGES. Supports Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. Pick one of these in your phone's Settings menu.
• PLAYERS, WE READ EVERY E-MAIL. We're a small company, but we reply to every support request. Let us try to help at If the issue is something we have no control over, we'll let you know. We will do our best to help in any way!

Download Instructions: My version 

The Enchanted Kingdom v1.9.5 Full Apk game

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Overview: "The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa's Adventure" is your own wonderful story.

"The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa's Adventure" is a colourful fairy-tale world where huge dragons, wise magicians, kind monsters and peculiar plants live. You are to help the young heiress to accede to the throne and learn how to rule her country. The avenue to the Kingdom's prosperity will be full of fascinating quests. There are 2 types of match 3 game, lots of colorful locations to search for hidden objects and the most diverse and unusual mini-games form more than 50 captivating levels.

Game features:

★ Combination of the popular genres: hidden object and match 3
★ More than 50 game levels
★ Vast gracious fairy-tale world with lots of mysteries and riddles
★ Complete absence of violence
★ Colorful high-quality graphics
★ A set of original mini-games

Download Instructions: 

Inotia3: Children of Carnia (Ad-free) v1.2.5 Apk game

Requirements: Android 1.6 and up
Overview: Protect your loved ones in Carnia by joining the adventure!

What would it take to change warrior's destiny?
The Big Adventure! Inotia3: Children of Carnia!

An inevitable fate has lain before the children of Carnia. The far greatest epic adventure! The Chronicles of Inotia 3! The new legend is about to begin in the continent of Inotia.

"With the coming of age ritual ahead, Lucio and Ameli from Carnia village happen to be acquiring guntlets, and the adventure stirred up by these guntlets leads to a consequence that is a way beyond their imaginations... Lucio and Ameli realize soon that they have extraordinary destinies lain before them... Warriors' predestined fates have been lasted for thousands of years already... Will those of who are born to be warriors be happy after all?"

★ Features ★

1) Organized Party System
A Party Battle System, where you get to combine 6 classes to construct your own party! You can control each character separately and enhance their skills and stats however you like. Through a story mode, you can not only obtain various characters, but also hire mercenaries with items. Personalize each character by equipping a variety of clothing, weapons and defense weapons.

2) Touching Story in an Enormous Scale
A way far better and more enormous in scale than its previous sequel, the story line of Inotia III, traveling past and present time back and forth, is solid and constructed in detail that you won’t be able to take your eyes off the game. A whole lot of unique minor casts will make their appearance throughout the story, and the main character’s itinerary is delineated on 130+ maps. 230 of not-to-be-underestimated quests with various themes are enough to testify the Inotia III’s distinctive way of engrossing users.

3) Various updates are so on the way!

4) This game is supported in English, and French.

5) It's Universal and will run on your Android Device.

What's in this version:
What's newly updated in 1.2.3
Upgrades with the latest Com2uS Hub.
Improved performance.
Now supported in 한글(Korean).

No ads.

Download Instructions:

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